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So the picture above is a picture of me (the one with long white hair) and two other random people at NDK this year. I was Jackie Frost, then their was Pitch Black and Jack Frost. I would have had a staff if it didn't decided to break on me last minute. Stupid thing. Especially after I spent all that time and money on it.

I am currently 17. I am a in high school and doing an early college program through my school. So I to go 4 days a week but not as long. Its very hard but I get more challenging art classes. I tend to find some of my old art from school and upload it when I have the chance but as often as I should.

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BROFIST ...........
Well to explain why I have been "avoiding" dA for the past two(?) months I need to start from the beginning. First off things this summer got busy when we got towards school, with gun shows, a new job, babysitting, amongst other things that dA got kind of forgotten. But I'm back. Also I think I forgot to mention that a week before NDK I was rear-ended by a stupid teenager and her truck. I was stopped at an exit in my little Passat and suffered a concussion and I have seen the ER and hospital more times than I would like for some back injury that the doctors can't explain. My new job is half an hours drive away and there are only 4 of us now to work for them. So we are forced to work 8 hour shifts by ourselves. But I plan to finish up some things I have been working on and get them submitted.

On another note I don't know if any of you have realized this but I SUCK at digital art. I am best at traditional art, then painting, then digital art. I tried my hand at clay and that was just a nightmare. I'll post picks of what I have been doing at a latter date. But anyways my car broke down b/c the timing belt broke and my dad has NO time to fix it. So we are selling it for parts and getting me another car, which I have to help pay for. I'm going to try to make more adopts and the such but don't expect much. Plus I plan to make them for a fairly good price.
  • Mood: Distressed
First off I just have to say wow. I've been off wayyyy to long. I have over 3,000 messages to sort through. x.x Also I do apologize for going AWAL for quite a while. Things kept pilling up and art of dA just got pushed back farther and farther. So lets see I got a new room so I had to move all my shit up two flights of stairs and sort through and organize it all. Then I got a job, dealt with some rude workers, now with a stupid boss, then high school started up, then college, then NDK 2013, then a week before NDK I was rear ended by a truck. Got a concussion and some back muscle issues. Had to go to ER twice due to it. Had to talk to ann attorney about insurance issues, then this is homecoming week, plus I babysit kids in the morning before school, and I was not even a mile away from home when my car just died. It's now making a weird noise and won't start. So no car until dad gets home. So basically I feel like God really wants me to go to the nut house. 
  • Mood: Distressed
So they won't be forever alone plz. ;A;
I'm mainly looking for a tibumeru to be the mate to my tibumeru Hasu. I also have some expecations when it comes to "applying" to become one of my oc's mates. Also I require that we rp out our oc's.

</3 What I DON'T like
- Yuri pairings
- 3 ways
- Constant drama

<3 What I DO like
- Yaoi
- Interesting characters
- Cool adventure ideas

★ Taken ★
Shiya Drawn Ref by LotusKoi
Shiya Houska

★ Pending ★

★ Open ★
(#2) :thumb329657185:
No name: Tends to like bikerides, mischevious and dangerous adventures. Acts more like a guy.

Another Free TinierMe Adopt+Closed+ by Kyrra11
No name: May seem like a badass but is very kind once you get past his rough exterior, he just loves to care and protect you. =3=

(1) 100 Themed Selfy Adoptables - Day 4: White by LlamaAndPanda
Jack: Really cold and aloof, but really nice on the inside.

(5) 100 Themed Selfy Adoptables - Day 6: Red by LlamaAndPanda
Makenna: Makenna is a fiery mysterious little girl. She won't put up with anyone's crap. She is also very stubborn and hate's telling her past.

(3) Auction Set5 [ Random Fantasy ] - Closed by Jauturna
Ashling Detamine: Don't know much right now.

Tibumeru Hasu Koizumi Application by LotusKoi
Hasu Koizumi: Hasu is a very outgoing person but can become very aggressive when she wants something. Rarely sincerly kind, and is sarcastic a LOT. She also tends to be very stubborn but is weak to Passion Fruit and Mantis Shrimp. She would drop anything to get one. (MUST BE PART OF GROUP TO BE HER MATE)

Adena Phoena OC REF by LotusKoi
Adena Phoena:  Shy around strangers but can be very outgoing and spontaneous around friends. If she is angered enough her true-self comes forth or purple flames will surrond her. Burning everything around her. Can be picky at times and she doesn't like it when other people put others down. She will stand up for strangers if she feels they are in need of it. She can be sensitive to emotions around her and if there is a lot of sadness emitting from everyone around her she becomes depressed for no reason and can start having a mental break down right there. Has a strong heart that is hard to waver.
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Do it Now Remember it Later - Sleeping with Sirens

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